AWS SES Email configuration

Unable to save AWS SES email account.
I have configured the email domain and now trying to create email account.
I always receive Invalid email id or password. Not sure whats wrong.

Incoming email is disabled, only outgoing is enabled.

Hi @sankethpb

  1. Make sure setup is properly completed on the AWS side
  2. Check the ‘Use TLS’ option (in the ‘Enable Outgoing’ section)
  3. Check the ‘Always use Account’s Email Address as Sender’ option


Thank you for the inputs, I enabled TLS but still i get the same error.
Error: Incorrect email or password. Please check your login credentials

Hi @sankethpb

Leave the ‘Enable Incoming’ option unchecked. Also confirm that your domain is ‘Verified’ and ‘Enabled for Sending’ on the AWS side

Hi @wale

Thanks a lot. It works now :slight_smile:
Somehow in the SES credentials which I downloaded there was a special character.

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