Axelor VS ERPNext

Hi there,
just bumped in this [EN] Axelor : Open Source ERP, CRM and BPM - YouTube
it’s the presentation of an ERP that looks to me very similar to ERPNext,
is there any relationship between the two products?

Seems to be built on the Java/Jboss stack. Unlikely to be related. But the marketing is sleek.

A far as im aware it is not related but it is a slick interface.

I have looked into it few months ago before I decided to go with ErpNext, The main reason made me not to use it is that their Axelor Development Kit (ADK) which used to build apps is licensed under AGPLv3 and bounded by their Contributor License Agreement. So any new app you write (I’m not talking about core product I mean a completely new App) you will not own it. It’s really strange they chose such a license for a development Kit.

Also AGPL license is a big No in general because it doesn’t have linking exceptions so any work using AGPL code (linked or otherwise, modified or not) must also be AGPL licensed and distributed. That’s why most companies around the world prohibit the use of any product with AGPL license


@ganas I agree about the AGPL. Its to restricting. I do like the interface alot and it reminds me of apache ofbiz. I am now a little jealous of axelors BPM tool to create new apps.

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