Azure Server VM Installtion of ERPNext

Hello Folks. Would like to get some insight from experts on deploying ERPNext on Azure server. I understand it will be through VM unlike using other VPS like Vultr or Digital Ocean wherein we chose a Linux flavor like Debian or Ubuntu to do direct installation. As it would be on VM the functionalities would be slightly limited plus difficult to manage.

Request readers to share their experiences and is using Azure for ERPNext a good or bad idea? Personally I prefer a direct Linux VPS like mentioned above.

Thank you.

AFAIK, you can provision Ubuntu servers on Azure. After that is just a matter of sshing and running, isn’t it?

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azure provides several Linux versions just provision the vm and run the install script.

Thanks guys. I didn’t know Azure had dedicated Linux servers as well. Checked the pricing, seem on the higher side compared to DO and Vultr.

i have been running a saas service providing erpnext hosting for client using Azure. The performance has been great. its easier to scale your server as requirement changes.

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