Back up and restore

I know this is a very common question and has been asked and answered so many times but unfortunately am not gettin the answer am looking for from those previous threads.

I installed erpnext at ubuntu 16.04 and am having one problem… cant seem to access the frappe-bench folder.
every time I try the response is there is no such … directory…
how do i go about this?

Be specific!!! What is this response you say?

newuser@Amnotgivingup:~$ frappe-bench
frappe-bench: command not found

that the response i get or what am I doing wrong?

Hi @jycob,

try this

$ cd /home/frappe/frappe-bench
$ bench backup

or whatever function you want to run with bench. I am assuming you have installed using the easy install?

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yes I installed using easy install

and, does it work now? Or what exactly do you want to do?

am trying to do restore from my backup file which is “

i get this error >>HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 403 FORBIDDEN
Remote file does not exist – broken link!!!

how do i resolve this am using this command >>> cd tmp
[database backup file]

So you are running

bench restore sites/

Note the modifications to the path in case of a standard installation, make sure the file exists and have your DB password ready…


If you want to switch to frappe-bench folder
Then you should use change directory command:

newuser@Amnotgivingup:~$ cd frappe-bench

Hope this helps.