Backdated Stock Entry

Dear Team,

Today, I create a below entry.

  1. Purchase Receipt - Posting Date 1st Aug 2020 17:19:02
    Item Code - RM 1
    Qty 21400

  2. Purchase Receipt - Posting Date 10 Sept 2020 17:33:52
    Item Code - RM 1
    Qty 25000

one more entry that is a Delivery Note

Delivery Note - Posting Date 1st Aug 2020 19:23:45
Item Code - RM 1
Qty 21400

Give me below message and error.

Backdated Stock Entry

Last Stock Transaction for item RM1 was on 2020-09-10 17:33:52 .

Stock Transactions for Item RM1 cannot be posted before this time.

Please remove this item and try to submit again or update the posting time.

Hello @dineshpanchal432

you have to create Purchase Receipt before Delivery Note


Yes, I have created a Purchase Receipt before the Delivery note.

Because for DN we need that item should be in stock.

I have created PO.—>PR---->PI.

I have done completely the proper flow


i mean the date not order. your PR date suppose to be before PI date.

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Material has been inward from PO and i made PR and then it goes to accounts for PI.

i can able to make a delivery note after this time and date **2020-09-10 17:33:52 **

PO date is : 1st Aug 2020 17:19:02
PR date is : 10 Sept 2020 17:33:52
DN date is : 1st Aug 2020 19:23:45

PR suppose to be before DN or you can skip PR and directly do DN.
workflow at below link

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You are right.

Wait i show you entire, data.


First, I have created all the PR with details

Then, I make a DN. it gives me a Backdated entry error

PR 10/09/20 RM1 2500 Neel
PR 10/09/20 RM1 250 Deep

hour’s are after or before from

DN 10/09/20 RM1 19350 Bio
DN 10/09/20 RM1 5900 Bio

? and are you using FIFO or Moving Average for that item(dunno if it’s related to those)?

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First, I have made all PR, then DN.