Background jobs or scheduler_events not working in aws

Hi all ,

i just migration to AWS and my background jobs not working any more , the functions are bugs free

thanks in advance ,

Please share more details like what URL you are using and what is the behaviour? What is on terminal window? Is bench running the site etc.

check this as well.

Dear @bharat_Suthar
thanks for replay

ERPNext already running and we are using it ,

AWS S3 Backup not working in background and there is no error . and when i click Take Backup Now
running smoothly and every think is good but daily schedule not working !


@AliMJawad cronjob working smoothly but it creates backup at different time.
please set backup cron for every minutes and check syslogs for cron jobs using sudo tail -f /var/logs/syslogs it shows you cron working or not,
1.if it working fine then check cron running time and compare your system , sometimes aws server set default time zone .i.e UTC you have to change to your local time
2. if its not working fine then check syntax from crontab -e
*/1 * * * * cd /home/username/Documents/workspace/frappe-bench && /home/username/Documents/workspace/bin/bench --site all backup >> /home/username/Documents/workspace/frappe-bench/logs/backup.log 2>&1
and check backup.log it will show exact error.

#i face same issue on aws server, that time i set crontab for at 12:00 am and 12:00 pm(ASIA/Kolkatta timeZone) but it took backup 8 hrs late i.e UTC time Zone wise ,
So I am suggesting you to check time Zone of your system

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