Background jobs stuck in queue on FrappeCloud


I’m setting up erpnext on frappecloud and trying to get incoming email to auto create Issue working. After adding incoming email account, and sending test email, it does not seem to work. And the task pull_from_email_account is in the queue.

Looking at background jobs list I’m seeing many tasks stuck in queue. Anybody managed to get this to work on frappecloud before? did I need to turn on something first?

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Thanks for reporting this. It was due to an issue at our end that had blocked the background jobs queues. We have replied to your support ticket.


HI. I am facing a similar issue since past 48 hours.
Added and deleted Email accounts.
When I press “send now” the email is sent.

My site is hosted on

The site is unusable as clients are not being notified and is causing lots of work issues.

@Umangsah as you’re Frappecloud customer it is best to open a ticket with them: