Backing up a v6 db and restoring in v7

So, I have unsuccesfully tried to update ERPNext v6 to v7 and while I find a solution to that, I have tried the following:

I used mysqldump to copy the entire v6 database to a .sql file, and then I restored it to the ERPnext v7 fresh installation database. Naturally, just substituting the database, did not work since I figured out that there are more tables in v7 db than in v6 db.

However… the thought occurred to me, what would happen if you do a mysqldump per table to a .sql file from the working v6 database, and then load the tables to their corresponding tables in the ERPNext v7 database. In other words, only replace the data in the tables coming from v6. Would that work?

I have no problem copying the files to their proper private and public directories.

If you’re willing to do that much work, you’re probably better off manually running the patches that need to be run between where you are now (v6.XX) and where you want to be (v7.XX).

bench update --upgrade is just so much simpler though - you’re much better off trying to get that working.

Patches must be run to upgrade version, because those patches are written to handle schema changes. You should try bench update upgrade and post in discuss if you get stuck in any patches.

@nabinhait @felix You are right, @nabinhait pushed a fix for a problem I was having and now the patches work great… I was simply tired and deseperate on this post.