Backup and restore on the new server

Good day,

I need your help, I have
ERPNext: v7.0.0 Frappe Framework: v7.0.0 installed on a ubuntu 14.04 4 LTS on a physical server.

I have to change everything to a virtual environment, how can I do the backup and restore on the new server? Somebody could help me?

Download your backup file from the Backup page (search for backup in the awesomebar).

Setup a new site on the new server and restore the backup using this command:
bench --site sitename --force restore path/to/backup/file

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Make sure to backup your files as well, they are in the site folder.

How do I download it? :
Download the backup file from the Backup page (look for the backup in the awesome bar)

How is the backup performed?

It is blank and I haven´t options.

Run bench --site [site-name] backup on the server.

When I put the commands, I send the following error:



Try to run the command in the

bench commands runs in this directory

Hope this helps.

@krnkris, thank you very much.

the command used: bench backup-all-sites

Good Day @netchampfaris @vjFaLk @krnkris

I already have a backup of my site. But I have a doubt, the extension is: .sql,
Is it just the backup of the database?
Or The Doctypes I’ve backed up as well?

Or How can I backup doctypes news?

thank you so much!