Backup and Restore So many Problems

Is there a less painfull way to backup and restore. am using the virtual machine had many problems with version 8. so i made a backup so i could restore to a version 9 vm . NO CAN DO. i tried the bench upgrade and basically the whole system and desktop dies!!!
This software its intented for small companies the average user would have a heart attack trying to figure out all of this.

So i tried the backup and restore boy i was for a surprise
Exception database already exists.

Could somebody pls point me to a painless step by step how to do this properly pls.

Welcome mtyspyder

What you seek to do is quite well documented and this forum is full of users like yourself who seek help to get to the next level…

You perhaps tried this Restoring From ERPNext Backup · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub

Don’t be afraid to search up answers here…

thxs for trying to help , i have been in most of the post in here and github

Please what specific question have you - a painless update may be naive on your part?


If the database already exists then try it whit
bench --force restore
It should do it for sure.

Hope this helps.