Backup and the tabBulk email table

I was just looking at the structure of a backup file (the sql one) taken from ERPNext, and I noticed that in the tabBulk email table, all the attachments sent in emails are converted from pdf to some gibberish (base 64 ?)

Considering that all these attachments are just Purchase Invoices, Purchase Receipt, Sale Invoice, etc. from ERPNext itself, is there no way we can not include these attachments in the SQL backup (if at all, then just a link to the document it refers to).

My concern, is that this can dramatically and unnecessarily increase the size of the database when emails are being sent out from ERPNext for every Purchase Order, Purchase Receipt, Sale Invoice, etc.



@Francois_Ifitwala tabBulk Email is regularly flushed, so don’t worry about backups.