Backup data while using Virtual box

hi I’m currently using erpnext through VM box and I wonder how to backup my data to another HDD or cloud storage like Gdrive? and can it be automate?

I use Winscp and created a script to backup the public and private folders. Use windows scheduler to execute the script at set intervals.

There is also Dropbox integration that you can try out.


So how you find your data @H_N ? I’ve search all of my folder and couldn’t find my data

It is under /frappe-bench/sites/site-name/ and you will find two folders, private and public.

Under private, there is a folder called backups. This is where you will find the backup for your mysql data.

If folder is empty, your scheduled backup is not running. To trigger manual backup, invoke bench backup.

ah ic, I’ll try your suggest. thanks @H_N