Backup database - cronjob not working

Local installation (a copy of the 7.0 Virtual Box basically) here.
I say:

frappe@server: $ cron -e

and add …
0 0-23 * * 7 cd /home/frappe/frappe-bench/ && bench backup

below that is an empty line (as I have learned it needs to be). I think the above should produce an hourly backup of my default database. Running the command cd /home/frappe/frappe-bench/ && bench backup manually does exactly that works

I have …

  1. added /etc/cron.allow (which didn’t exist)
  2. populated with a line frappe … and
  3. and restarted the cron service (sudo service cron restart)

still there are no automated backups being made … any idea what my problem might be?

The cron job seems to be scheduled to run on Sundays …try change 7 to 1-7 or *

yes, true. silly me. 0-6 would be correct. thanks.

But there is another problem it seems. Even though bench backup works manually I only can convince cron to do the jobe with being more specific about where to find bench /usr/local/bin/bench

this is what actually works now (daily [0-6], each hour [0-23])

0 0-23 * * 0-6 cd /home/frappe/frappe-bench/ && /usr/local/bin/bench backup