Backup file and download from GUI

I have a question , after i update my ERPNEXT to last version , i can’t download backup of files any more , some one know how we can download backup of files from GUI ?

Befor i ssh to server and run this command :

bench --site XXX backup --with-files

and then in setup>Download Backups i download backup of data base and files ,

But after update only show file of data base backup , how can i download files backup from GUI ?


you still be able to download it this way
all you need to do is change the download link from
[your hostname]/backups/20170105_084447_2475e357_database.sql.gz
in to
[your hostname]/backups/20170105_084447_2475e357_files.tar
[your hostname]/backups/20170105_084447_2475e357_private_files.tar

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Thanks so much , it’s funny way but it’s work .
Thanks for your help .