Backup methods on virtualbox

I have a clarification
there is a folder called VirtualBox VMs that is created once i add the .ova file in to virtual box
this folder VirtualBox VMs contains the following files/folders
erpnext production
erpnext production disk-1

can i copy this entire folder and use it on another machine
also can i use this as a backup
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@krishnanhemanth: you can create backup images of your entire Virtual Box-based VM at any point, using Virtual Box’s capabilities (this will keep all of your custom settings/configurations, files in the VM disks/folders etc.). After that, you will be able to restore such an image to a new VM

You can also move the entire folder itself and re-import it in VirtualBox I believe. That does work with VMWare.

Thanks a lot for your reply gvyshnya and vjFalk
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