Backup\restore best practice


Up until now I have been working on a dev machine, fidelling around and add sone custom apps.
What as the best backup\restore process in order to transfer to a new machine?

Will the following should do the trick:

  1. backing up the site through bench.
  2. copying the entire “bench-frappe” folder to the new machine.
  3. restoring the site using bench


For #2 you’d better create new bench on the new server to avoid unexpected issues.

  1. Create new bench on new server
  2. Backup the site using bench backup optionally using --with files
  3. Copy the tar and gz files from old server to new server.
  4. (Optional - which I prefer) Create new site on new server
  5. Restore the site using bench restore (use db name and pw from site_config.json if you want them to be the same)
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Will this include all custom moduls and apps?

The bench backup only backup db and files.
As the apps, you can save it separately or put them on github. And later separately install on required sites.