Backup restore ERror Table "`tabDefaultValue` not found in file."

Backup cannot restore showing the above error. how to fix this error.

I istalled erpnext 14 on ubuntu 22.04 using virtualbox. Seems a flawless installation, also with GST compliance and HRMS app. Till I went for testing database backup/restore. Backup was successful with
bench backup

But with restore i am getting same error as @Taimoor_Khan got.

bench --version
bench --site restore database.sql --force (my sql is in the frappe-bench dir)

Any help what am I missing?

Thanks in advance

i am having the same error restoring a backup file unto my new instance. have you found a fix for this error?

have you found a fix for this error?

After a lot of try, I was not successful in importing the database with virtual box option. Keep trying.