Backup Schedule

  1. How could I check the backup schedule ? What time the backup will run ?

The backup time is dependent on number of backup in a day you define in the setup. If four then every six hours as an example.

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hey @alan,
the backups are executed using Crontab jobs

you could get a list of active jobs by using
crontab -l

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Number of backups field in system settings is to configure how many backups you want to store on your ERP server. It doesn’t change the frequency of backups.

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Hello snv, how can we change the schedule of the backups? Our database is getting pretty big, about 3gb after Frappe does its thing, and we get 4 of that. Problem is, Frappe hangs during the mysql dump operation right when we’re using it at 12pm. We would like reconfigure the timing to our liking.