Bad Gateway Error on ERPNext v12 Docker Installation


I’m creating a clean installation of ERPNext v12 on Docker in order to restore a backup, with the ultimate aim of upgrading to v13.

The configuration is pretty straightforward and when I spin up docker-compose I don’t see any obvious errors, MariaDB comes up as do the workers and Traefik complete with the certificate.

However, when I attempt to connect to the site through a browser I get a 502 Bad Gateway error and Traefik logs the following error…

traefik_1 | time="2022-03-15T10:27:29Z" level=debug msg="'502 Bad Gateway' caused by: dial tcp connect: connection refused"

which would imply that the backend behind Traefik, presumably ERPNext, isn’t running and accepting connections.

I would be grateful for any thoughts on how I can trace and resolve this error.