Baffled: Report List has two colored indicators, how is it done?

Hi there,

here is something that baffles me. After looking at the Report List for the n-th time I realized that there are two colored indicators, “Status” and “Is Standard”:

I thought I could use this and went straight to ~/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe/core/doctype/report to have a look at report_list.js.

Alas there is no such file!

Does anyone know how this was done? As far as I know you can add the Status-field by using get_indicator: function(doc) {…} in ${doctype-name}_list.js, but this is not the way it’s done here.

They also suppressed the Name-field on the right side without using ClientScript, how do you do this?

Some fieldnames have hardcoded default indicator

To remove the name field on the right, use the similar below in the any doctype_list.js,

for eg: employee doctype, in employee_list.js,

frappe.listview_settings[‘Employee’] = {
hide_name_column: true

Thank you all for replying so quickly.
I would like to confirm for future readers that the hardcoded default indicator indeed is the cause for the observed behaviour.
Thanks, I didn’t know that such a thing existed.

As for the suppressed name field:
The catch is, the name field is here suppressed even when there is report_list.js file.

The answer:
In the DocType-Properties in “Naming” field “Auto Name” is set to “field:report_name”. In this case no additional name field is displayed.

Case closed, let’s party!