Bahrain VAT from Jan 1st 2019, need help on ERPNext

Hi, Bahrain is to introduce VAT from Jan 1st. This is similar to KSA & UAE VAT. Would like to understand how we can automate script so that VAT related COA are created on new instance when location Bahrain is chosen. I understand that for KSA and UAE it is normal for ERPNext to generate relevant COA.

The task can me done manually but having it part of core would be a better option.

If you want to introduce a custom chart of accounts on new instances, I believe all you have to do is add a properly formatted json file to erpnext/accounts/doctype/account/chart_of_accounts. No scripting needed. Is that what you’re looking for?

We can create chart of Account on erpnexts website and keep it as default.
Then we can pull it directly in the chart of account of that instance. I hope if we create it for Bahrain then in the next pull they can add it so next time it should get the chart of account automatically.