Bailabs TailPOS - what are the install instructions for?

Continuing the discussion from Offline First Open Source POS for ERPNext:

There is an Android app on the Google Play Store for the POS App.

So I am wondering what the Install instructions in the README are meant to be executed on? The ERPNext Server which you want to use the POS system with, or is this what you have to install in order to participate in development of the Android App?

The instructions is meant for developer who wants to compile the mobile app and help contribute to the project

We will make an quick start and how to documentations because most question here is not technical but more on how to problem which is lacking in the project

thx for clarifying. I sent you a PR adding this explanation to the repositories README

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Thanks for the contribution!

Hello @ccfiel

I am have downloaded the app from play store , but it keeps crashing when I try to open.

Any help will be appreciated


I guess this sits better in a separate Topic, doesn’t it?