Balance Confirmation Statement

Hi Team,

As per the product review session dated 30-09-2020 we discussed on the SOA( Statement of Account) for which we discussed on the correct name of the report to be like bulk SOA or Customer SOA. But after I guess this report will only shows the debit credit and balance which is already getting the data from ledger.
So, I feel to have some another interesting option which can be called the “Balance Confirmation Statement”

Here are some detail of this statement

  1. Balance Confirmation Statement will show the bill-wise details and cumulative balance by each transaction.
  2. End of the last transaction closing balance will be display in the report
  3. After the actual balance, if there are some PDC (post dated Cheque) then it should display total pending PDC amount and again Closing balance after PDC as well.
  4. This statement can be enclosed as an Annexure with some automated draft letter
  5. we can make the unique format and can be useful to our existing and new customer both.
  6. Below is the sample format for the Balance confirmation letter