Balance Sheet Date Issues

I’m experiencing two issues with the balance sheet page.

  1. The label for the balance sheet is incorrectly showing prior years. My fiscal periods match the calendar year. For example my 2021 fiscal year runs from 1/1/2021 - 12/31/2021. When I pull the balance sheet for 2021 the label shows as 2020-2021. After digging into the formatdate function is returning 2020 when supplied with a from_date of 1/1/2021.
    Link to line in source code:
    erpnext/ at 805ac4ffdf554de51c6136279ba55307c0463495 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

  2. The balance sheet is showing a provisional profit / Loss when all temporary accounts have been cleared out in my system. The exact amount is actually from a payment I made in 2021 on a 2020 purchase invoice. The total for the invoice was $7,372.80. I paid 30% ($2,211.84) up front on 12/17/2020 and the 70% balance ($5,160.96) on 1/4/2021. The provisional profit / loss is showing as $5,160.96 but again all temporary accounts have been closed. Now if I change the balance sheet to show 2020 and 2021, the provisional profit / loss goes away.

I think that both of these issues are related and that the balance sheet is not picking up the correct opening balances due to some date issue. At this point I’m unable to figure out how to fix, so any suggestions by the community would be appreciated.