Balance sheet for multiple company

hi,i have one query
If we create 3 company in which one is parent company. If we create balance sheet then balance sheet will be different for all or can I get all 3 company details in single balance sheet.
In tally and SAP we can create multiple company and get all details of each company in parent company balance sheet
Can we do it in ERP next?

@Mukul_Soni, sounds, that it’s an upcomming feature into the Version 11.

Yes, in version 11 we have introduced tree structure for Company and you will be able to see financial report for the parent company as well.

ive been looking to find a way to design a balance sheet for indian companies in the schedule 3 format as prescribed by the companies act, 2013 but all i read from searching the discuss forum is that it can be done by css and html. I can do that but where do i start? is there documentation i can follow to deisgn the whole thing? tags? heads?