Balance Sheet Issue : Period Closing Voucher Version-13

Hello All,

After I close the book accounts after financial year. I have Some Halala differences as per below.

Anyone know more about this?. And there is any solution? .

Trial Balance

4027443.549999997 - 4027443.889999998 = -0.34

Period Closing Voucher Entry

Balance sheet

@umair @nabinhait Please Consider this.

This could come from rounding errors.
See this article:

This is not an error. We have not faced such an error. This will never ever happened in double entry accounting system. As per my understand.

This year balance sheet. we can’t close Unclosed fiscal year .

Did you define a round off account in your company settings? Indeed in that case it should not happen as from my understanding.
Rounding errors can always happen as long as you don’t use BCD numbers, which ERPNext does not afaik.

Your numbers look very much like affected by rounding issues, look at the decimals: 4027443.549999997 - 4027443.889999998

This might happen e.g. when converting UOMs etc.
Anyway this is just my input, to check the round off account for the comming fiscal year to maybe avoid it.

But maybe it’s another issue. Hope you get it solved. :raising_hand_man:

Hello Dear ,

This is my round off Settings in company account

Thanks for your response.

I am sorry but I really don’t understand why you are using V13 (development branch) in production. You should have remained on V12 till V13 moves to production.

V13 is cutting edge and is rapidly changing. It is seriously not ready to be used for managing even a small company as major changes keep happening.

BTW. Check settings in currency Smallest Currency Fraction if it has been set correctly. Am not sure but don’t think you can rectify the issue now. Maybe pass a journal entry to fix the amount.

I don’t think so. Because I am using Version-13 beta . It’s available in and and this site running in

If this code level issue, they have to fix that. We can’t avoid latest versions even it’s in beta.

As well,
I have confirmed with team with this version stability.

See, This is not currency setting issue as per my understanding .

Double entry accounting system means Debit equal to Credit

I am waiting for @umair reply.

Check your stock transfer documents. We found that system rounding issue was the cause of the problem. That was on V11. Someone else had also posted similar issue in v12.

Whenever stock was transferred from one warehouse to another rounding amount used to get deposited in the ledger. Maybe this is similar issue.

Finally, I have traced the issue. I have fixed the issue cancel the Purchase invoice and adjust rounding.

Thanks for the support