Balance sheet not available when fiscal year closed

Dear colleagues,

after booking the period closing voucher, I would like to disable the fiscal year as to prevent any bookings to occur in this period (if I don’t do that, it is still possible to create e.g. journal entries).

However, when I deactivate the fiscal year:

I can no longer get this on the balance sheet:

However, this is required as previous period comparison for the next fiscal year.

Am I missing a configuration or is this a bug?

Rather use a simple custom script to block postings from all ledgers that post to the GL.

Thanks, @Eli. While that works it has to be applied to a variety of doctypes on both submit and cancel (Journal Entry, Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Material Receipt, Delivery Note, Payment Entry, …). I think rather than this workaround, it should be fixed on the balance sheet and profit and loss statement. I have hardly ever seen a balance without the previous year on it…

Opened a Github issue: