Balance Sheet Report on Version 8 - and a request

Hello yesterday we got our cloud version updated to version 8. Everything looked ok untill we went on the balance sheet report. Previously on version 7 we were able to see total for every month ( accumulate values ), now on version 8 this feature is missing and it is a pain to see per month and scroll to the right to see the totals.

I think this reflects one of the main problems of ERPNEXT and that is that even though it is a remarkable tool that can make very complicate tasks, it is loosing on the User Interface. The user should be able to have in plain sight many vital informations than have to do multiple steps ( click scroll etc ) and jump thought different pages to get them.
My thought is that ERPNEXT went this way because it is build with an accountant and developer in mind, that both of those categories have an ease to work looking multiple lines of code and numbers, but for most of us need a more user friendly interface that can give you easy and straight out visual messages by the use of Charts Lines Shapes Color Code etc.

I know i got a bit far with this, so is there any way to make Balance sheet as it was on Version 7 ?

Thanks in advance.


Balance Sheet still have option to see Accumulated Monthwise balances. It is working fine in my test account as well. Check attached GIF for the reference.

I request you to further elaborate your requirement, so that we can support you better.

Hello umair,

And thank you for the fast response.
Believe it or not the check box for the Accumulated balances was missing on the Balance sheet and was ok for the other reports. Now that i was getting rdy to takes screenshots and relogged to erp it appeared right there…

And just now i managed to reproduce the problem. If i choose from the drop down menu “Financial Statement” any other report and then go back to Balance sheet the Accumulated Values check box is missing and the only way to bring it back is to refresh the page with F5.

Im attaching 2 screenshots that prove this.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for reporting it. Can you please create a Github issue for this?

Have this issue been fixed?

I can still replicated this in
ERPNext: v9.2.24 (v9.x.x)

Frappe Framework: v9.2.25 (v9.x.x)