Band pricing or stepped flat rate

Has anyone setup “band” pricing within ERPNext. Eg I want the price for 1-500 envelopes to be $100 in total whether you order one or five hundred. Then I want to charge $180 for any quantity between 501 and 1000. And so on. I can’t see how to do this as everything needs to be a unit price.

The only way I can see is to create 500 lines of pricing and divide $100 by each unit quantity and enter that as the price. So 500 pricing rules for 1-500, another 500 pricing rules for 501-1000 and so on like this:

ENV - 1 - Unit price $100
ENV - 2 - Unit price $50
ENV - 3 - Unit price $33.3333
ENV - 4 - Unit price $25

ENV - 500 - Unit price $0.20

ENV - 501 - Unit price $180/501 = 0.35928
ENV - 502 - Unit price $180/502 = 0.35857

Anyone got any suggestions?

just add the chareges in tax and charges table, i think it should do it, or if you want to monitor the stock , you can also billed the ENV to your customer

A novel idea @bobzz_zone but we need to be able to apply tax on top of the price. It would get messy to have multiple taxes in that section and confuse the customer I think.

you can do that , because in tax and charges you can set the value is calcualted from the net total or from the total of above rows…

if you do create multiple items just for your ENV its very bad idea i think…you would be better to set like package cost instead…

so the customer will know there is package cost that they will have to pay for every order, and you will not need to make the price one by one

@bobzz_zone yes setting up 1000s of lines of pricing is a TERRIBLE option I agree. I will do some testing around your suggestion and see how I go. If anyone has any other ideas on how to do it within the pricing engine that would be great too :slight_smile: Thanks!

sure… anyway i think there is no way you can do it with the pricing option…the devider is too much… :slight_smile: