Bank account adjustment

I have a bank account with transactions for several years.
Client has never done a ledger in previous years.
Customer will simply start using the system, and need to adjust this initial balance.

How to make an adjustment to the bank account balance?

I’ve seen that people used a temporary account, but how to reset this temporary account after using it?

***** I’m using charts of accounts from Brazil**


What you are probably looking for is Opening Account Balances.
What I would suggest is

  1. Take Closing Balance from your previous Accounting Software or Books of Account as on a Cut-off Date, lets say 30th Nov 2021.
  2. This Closing Balance will be your Opening Balance in the new Software (ERPNext) as on 1st Dec 2021. Add this through Journal Entry (Opening).
  3. If your Closing Balance is Balanced meaning Total Debits = Total Credits , entries you post in Temporary Opening Account will ultimately balance.