Bank account and bank reconciliation


I would like to get know as to how the cash management process takes place in the ERPNEXT. Including following ;

  1. Creation of banks
  2. Bank Statement upload
  3. Then reconciling the same with receipt and payments etc…


Hi @Mohamed77,

you create a new bank account from the chart of accounts
then, make sure that the account is of type “Bank”.

For uploading bank statements, there are different ways. There is an embedded Bank Reconciliation function, which allows you to import data, refer to

If you are working with banks under ISO 20022, there is another implementation in ERPNextSwiss. This will take CAMT.053 (or CAMT.054 or even some proprietary csv formats) and use this automatically for the reconciliation and brings a matching function.

Hope this helps.

Hi Iasalesi,

Thank you very much for the response. Let me check and get back to you with more detail.


I can not open the link

edit: correct link Bank Reconciliation

Thanks for reporting this doc link problem -

In section 1.4 here Introduction

All three links result in 404 not found -

These links work:

Thanks and welcome to ERPNext Inaki1708

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