Bank Account Reconcilliation Tool--No Bank Account Found

We recently upgraded to V13 and are using the Bank Reconciliation Tool for the first time since it changed from the previous version. When I open the Tool it does not see any existing bank accounts. It asks me to create a new bank account which I do not want to do.

Has anyone seen this issue where the existing bank account is not found? I went to the Chart of Accounts and made sure that our primary bank account had the account type set as “BANK”.

I even added an account number and tried disabling and re-enabling the account to see if it will show up but it still does not see the account. Don’t know what steps anyone else has taken to mark this work but we are stuck right now.

per the filtering condition, the Is Company Account need to be ticked like below

I do not see the same screen when I look at my existing bank account from the Chart of Accounts. It looks like this and I can select the box for “is Company Account”:

When I try to create a NEW bank account, then I see the same screen than you are showing. It looks like this.

If I try to search for any bank accounts, it does not show me any. It look like this which makes me think that it does not recognize the current account I have as a bank account. It says none found.