Bank Charges , remittance , Letter of credit etc

hello All:
I think we need to add bank charges for remittance , Letter of credit
Should be add to the project expenses too and affect Margin.
Currently I’m using manual Journal Entry to record bank charges with no affect on project margin

You should try using HR Expense Claims with appropriate Project reference. This will affect the Project margin.


this may be a solution to have correct margin
but is it logical I make bank charge as Employee Expenses?
On the other hand I will not be able to make bank reconciliation.

I guess not. You should ideally book bank charges as part of the Payment Entry itself. If the related invoices are linked to Project, GL report can give you necessary insight Project margin.

not easy especially for Letter of Credits
we usually get unexpected charges from intermediate banks.
and still I will not be able to reconcile bank statement if includes Charges in the payment.

For me Margin calculation is not correct , even without Bank Charges
Still I need to fix and add Bank charges
I want to make a new app and modify project screen itself or at least a copy of it

how do I record for VAT remittances