Bank clearance date is not updating in Ledger

Hi team,

I am trying to make a post dated cheque transaction through payment entry. I had given posting date as cheque date(future date) and cheque reference date as today’s date. After submitting the payment entry I had updated the clearance date in payment entry through “Bank Clearance”.

But the ledgers is still showing on posting date of payment entry ,is it possible to view the ledgers with clearance date in payment entry.

Hi @jishnusuni,

I think, one way to set it like

go to the General Ledger and go to the menu and select the Add Column.

Then save it with the new name.

Thank You!

Thank You

Even after updating the clearance date, the ledger is still showing the payment is cleared on the posting date and not on the actual clearance date.
Is there any way to get the ledger’s actual payment date updated as clearance date and not the posting date ?.

I don’t think it’s possible.