Bank Clearance Summary is Accessible only to System Manager

Error is causing due to one of the column in report is link field to Document “Doctype”

gives Error “No permission to read Doctype”

Same issue with Lost Opportunity Report

Hi @Maveez,

Please set rights in Role Permission for Page and Report

Then update, reload and check it, please.

Thank You!

User has Access to “Accounts manager” and “Accounts user” role. still report pops this error. and when i give user “system manager” access the system loads the report.

Hi @Maveez,

Please set a read right for a report in Role Permission Manager.

Then reload and check.


Have already given those permissions.

Permission like this.

Its already there

Same issue is there for Lost Opportunity report

Apply and check.

If not work then reset all user permission / Role permission.

I guess it’s related to Doctype DocType read permission Where it tries to read some doctypes but the user have no read access to them (only system manger and Administrator has access on DocType).

however As I know, There is no way to customize DocType permission unless edit them directly in in it’s doctype form

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Temporary Solution is to share Doctype, Doctype to specific user with read permission.
Need feassible solution :roll_eyes:


Hi, how do you share the doctype? I would like to give an access to the Accounts Manager role the bank clearance summary too

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Goto doctype > doctype

click share > add user name > give access to read

This is not proper solution but a temporary fix

Hope this helps

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ohhh thank you. I will try this if it will allow it on the FrappeCloud. Thank you. :))

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