Bank Entry: Receiver account number

When you create a bank entry in ERP next, you can select The account you are transferring from (Your Account), but As I understand there is no way to note the account number you are transferring to. You can only select, for example, supplier name. Is this true?

This could be a very helpful to keep reference of which accounts you transferred money to. I understand you can enter transfer ref no. and cross check with your bank statement but that’s an extra step one can do without.

I enter the bank number under reference. As I usually do the JV and the actual payment at the same time i copy/paste the IBAN number from my bank portal into erpnext.
The possibility to link an export of bank statements with JV is an old wish. It will identify payments that are forgotten to be entered in Erpnext and double payments.
In larger companies with well organized workflows this risk may be little, but for smaller companies with online banking facilities such error is easily made.
Several accounting packages here in the Netherlands have adopted to this workflow. One reads in the bank statements, and processes from here. The bank statements take to role of JV’s in Erpnext. One clicks an bank entry statement, and links this to an invoice indicating the account heads.
Seems that there is not much interest in the Erpnext community for thsi

That’s sad. Ability to safely mimic you bank statement to Erpnext could be very useful.

May I ask which ref field do you usually enter to?

  1. There is Ref in the entry row itself, but I don’t think you can enter custom number that doesn’t link to any document.

  2. There is Ref Number: Which you usually enter transaction Ref no.

  3. There is Ref > Bill No. Which I am not sure what is that one for.

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@adithep you can track that via a custom field.

Totally forgot about that. Thankyou!