Bank reconcialiation tool bugs and enhancements


Since updating to v13 we have quite a few bugs in the bank reconciliation tool.

It is pretty hard to describe because it looks a bit random. When we reconcile a line, some time it works and some times the wrong line disappears. When I refresh the listing is okay.

Another issue we have is :

  • Hit actions to reconcile a line
  • select a line in the table
  • submit
  • go to another line and hit actions to reconcile a line
  • The checkbox looks already selected in the table in the popup
  • Hit submit
  • The line is not reconcilied.

If I uncheck and then re-check the line in the table in the popup it works.

And finally, it would be very nice to get the filters of v12 back in this tool, it is very tedious to loose the column filters everytime we reconcile a line !

Thank you a lot,


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I am also facing similar issues. Did you figure out any solution?

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Hi, same issues!

No, I am still waiting for a response from @erpnext :-/