Bank Reconciliation challenges

Hello colleagues,
we have some challenges with bank reconciliation with ERPNext which does not give smooth entering of figures as compared to Quick Books. So, it has become hectic making bank reconciliation with ERP, can someone assist who has used the ERP system successfully?

What are the challenges faced by you?

I cant find window to enter bank charges

In the search bar Type Bank Reconciliation, You will get a option “Open Bank Reconciliation” click on it & you will be able to import bank statement for reconciliation.

Dear Pujan,this ERP bank reconciliation is acting so strange, it does not allow someone to enter bank charges and undertake reconciliation just like in ht QBs how it does.
I think much more need to be done

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Hi, any updates on this? I still don’t find the option for bank charges.

I assume you mean posting/reconciliation of bank/card charges you’ve imported?
That they’re not showing up in accounting because it’s not been posted/reconciled? (Because ERPNext wants to add them against sales/purchase orders?)

Not all companies do sales or purchases, some are NGOS who does services, thus, it’s good to have a clear bank reconciliation module as clearly shown in QBs