Bank reconciliation includes only payment entries for POS

(v10) Bank reconciliation seems to include only payment entries and journal vouchers, which renders the process problematic for POS. Example – Sales Invoices, whether entered through POS or Sales Invoice (with POS payment by credit card), the credit card payment goes to the G/L for the credit card processor. However, when I pull up “Update Bank Transaction Date” for this account and populate the screen, I see all the"payment entry" transactions and journal vouchers, but not the Sales Invoice transactions. Am I doing this wrong? Is there a configuration option I’m missing?

Please create a Github Issue to pull paid Sales Invoices, with Mode of Payment happens to be something specific like Credit Card.

For now, payments made from Sales Invoice is considered as cleared. But adding sales invoice based on mode of payment could be reasonable.


“Bank Reconciliation Statement” should also include Purchase Invoices that are paid at same document, just like POS Sales Invoices, don’t you think?

Yes, perhaps you can create a request for this feature on GitHub