Bank Reconciliation - No Payment Entries from PINV

Hi Guys,

I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if this is an error but when using the new “Is Paid” option on Purchase Invoices and submitting Payment Entries then these entries don’t show up in the Bank Reconciliation (Update Bank Transaction Dates).

Currently, I’m having to run Statements from the General Ledger to reconcile Purchase Invoice payments?

Any suggestions?



Hello Ben,

In the Purchase Invoice, if Is Paid is checked, then payment entry is made from Purchase Invoice itself.

In the Payment Reconciliation, system only fetched Purchase Invoices having outstanding. In your Purchase Invoice, since you checked it as “Paid”, it doesn’t have any outstanding.

If there is still outstanding against those Purchase Invoices, then Cancel and Amend Purchase Invoice, and edit value in the Paid Amount field. If not payment is made at all, then uncheck Is Paid field.


Thanks for reply.



The entry of payment in Purchase Invoice is not appearing in Bank Reconciliation.