Bank Reconciliation Tool & Fiscal Year

I have two queries at the moment. Please check below:

  1. Can I not make a fiscal year default for a user? Right now due to year closing, there are a lot of documents of the current year (23-24) and of the previous year (22-23) being added and reconciled. I have 3 users who work simultaneously and they are currently not able to because if one person is adding entries of previous year, then the other user is not able to make say, Sales Invoices and other sales entries of current year. I have asked my implementers and they are clueless.

  2. The Bank Reconciliation tool is quite glitchy to work with. The table resizes randomly when something is written in the search fields, it does not pick the date and transaction type from the entry in the statement. Also, it doesn’t remember the column widths and removed columns (Party Type & Party). It doesn’t update the table when an entry has been settled or a voucher of that entry has been created. Due to this the webpage needs to be refreshed and you’re back to default column widths and default layout.

The problems stated above are to make work flow on the system seamless and smooth. Due these problems, I have made a lot of incorrect entries and had to cancel them as well as the entries linked to these documents and reset the series counters (due to fiscal year problem).

I hope someone will be able to rectify these issues or can let me know a better way if I am doing it wrong.


P.S.: I have tried to add User Permission for FY but it doesn’t work as intended in my case.

Can anyone respond to these queries?