Bank Reconciliation Tool Missing?

I am evaluating erpnext and have installed ERPNext: v6.27.22, Frappe Framework: v6.27.21. As the system manager, I seem to have access to everything I need except the Bank Reconciliation Tool. I set up a bank account and issued some checks. The bank reconciliation statement shows the deposits and checks but with no clearance date. I looked for the Bank Reconciliation Tool following these instructions: It says: “To add clearance entries go to Accounts > Tools > Bank Reconciliation”. Attached is my Accounts screen and no such tool seems to be there. Any compass headings would be appreciated.

@Matt-SF welcome to the forum!

You can also search “Bank Reconciliation” by typing in the search box/

Also see if you have permissions by going to the “Role Permission Manager”

Thanks, found it. The docs show a menu item for “Bank Reconciliation” however on the main menu this feature is labeled “Update Bank Transaction Dates”. When you click on the link, it takes you to “Bank Reconciliation” page.