Bank Reconciliation Tool Start and End Dates have no effect on displayed results

I recently noticed that when I go to the Bank Reconciliation Tool and set a start and end date, then Save, the table does not get filtered to just the unreconciled transactions between the set dates.

Expected results:
Entering Start and End dates would show only transactions in that range.

Actual results:
Table shows all records regardless of Start and End dates.

Steps to Replicate:

  1. On an ERPNext installation with multiple unreconciled transactions, go to the Bank Reconciliation Tool
  2. Select your Company, Bank Account, and set the Start and End dates to only show a portion of the unreconciled transactions (may vary depending on your range).
  3. Save these settings. The page should reload with the table of records, but showing all records, not the selected range.

Screenshot (censored for obvious reasons):