Bank Statement Processing

We’ve build some functionality to perform automatic bank reconciliation based on import of CSV or xls files downloaded from a bank. See PR below

Outstanding activities are posting of the bank reconciliation journal derived from the configured posting rules.

Please contact @crossxcell99 for technical details/questions


Thanks for sharing the information.

@Chude_Osiegbu Long awaited. At last it has landed.Just a little perfection,we will smile.Thanks for the smart work

Great work. It would be really great if you guys join the ‘account module’ group where we can discuss this in the weekly meetings. As you might be already aware of, I have started similar work some time back and called for volunteers to contribute(design/review/code/test). In addition to building a feature, we are also looking at having a streamlined process where people across the globe can work together to deliver a common feature. Needless to say, this is difficult than developing individually and will be slower. However it is open, transparent and scales well in the long run. We have included Import Bank Statement · Issue #2184 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub in the december milestone, so I have updated the same with my first draft specification. I would really appreciate if you guys join the account module and work together to deliver this feature.


Hi. Apologies, haven’t been following for a while. How to join the accounting module group?

Can you please share your phone number associated with your Telegram account. I will add you.

Can you please add me

Looks great!

@spoojary you were already working on this, maybe we can use this as a base design?

That is the plan. I have the base implementation as well, but will need some changes. I went through the design specification with @nabinhait in last week’s call, and it is inline with how he wanted this feature to come along.

@Chude_Osiegbu, Could you please take a look at the design spec I have attached at Import Bank Statement · Issue #2184 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub? In last week’s call I went through that with nabinhait, and he was happy with that. I would like to know your opinion regarding the same and how different it is from your design. If they are largely similar, we could look at contributing together to this feature. It would be great if you can attend next weeks call to discuss this.

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Hi @jai_kejriwal

Please add me as well please: +27810378419


Hi Spoojary,

Any idea how much time it will take to bring this feature in ERPNext. How we can help to expedite it.


We require developer resources. You can either sponsor paid development, send a PR, or contribute/open a bounty.


Unfortunately I am just an end user without sufficient resources to make this PR ready, As Jai mentioned, we need contributions either as developer time or bounty to find other resources. What needs to be done further:

  1. Move the code to account module from my custom app (I will do this)
  2. Write some automated test cases (need help)
  3. Fix some trivial usability issues
  4. Dcoumentation

That should be sufficient to send the PR. Remaining changes can be done later based on the requirements.



Its always a good idea to send features even if they are not fully fleshed out but usable, opens up room for improvement!

I am following this development with keen interest and would like to contribute in whatever way possible I can. Please add me on Telegram. My number is +27832708714

Looks like I should be on this one too! Telegram: 14254455300

Likewise, we are also, end user. How much is bounty?

  1. Move the code to account module from my custom app (I will do this) Great!
  2. Write some automated test cases (need help): Please give any example, I will get it done
  3. Fix some trivial usability issues; I believe that this requires coding so let me know how much is bounty
  4. Dcoumentation; Give me an example, I can get it done.

Good to see the enthusiasm. I will spend some time this weekend and integrate the feature to accounts module and send an update. It would be great if you can go through the specification details in Import Bank Statement · Issue #2184 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub and give some feedback on the usability. This works well with 10-15 transactions or transactions that match the invoice properly. If not, managing it isn’t very intuitive.

I will try to check within a couple of days and will try to give you feed back.

As promised, I have worked on migrating the feature from my custom app to Accounts module and sent the pull request - (Import Bank Statement) by sathishpy · Pull Request #12472 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub. I am happy to give a 30 minutes demo of how to use the feature, so that someone else can work on the documentation part.