Banks Statement Import Error: "Please add the Bank Account column"

Hi all - I’m hoping someone might spot where I’m going wrong or if they’ve experienced something similar. On ERPNext (v13.12.1 for both Frappe and ERPNext). I go through the steps of the Bank Reconciliation Tool. When I get to the point to do the Bank Statement Import, I’m importing a CSV file. Here’s what things look like after I’ve attached the file and mapped the columns (as the configuration in the bank account’s settings don’t seem to be working):

When I click on “Start Import,” it pops up with this error message:

Trying to get around this, I added a column to the CSV specifying the bank account as seen here:

What happens, though, is that I added the bank account, and so did ERPNext giving me an extra value:

I’ve tried this on several instances on two different benches in production and get this behavior. I’m stumped. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it me or a bug?

I got this working by matching my column names and order exactly to the template:

I’m going to play around with this some and see what is working correctly and what is not as far as what was intended in the refactor.