Barcode Field Not Populated Pdf View And Print View

Barcode Field Not Populated Pdf View And Print View

Print View

Pdf View

Hi @ajay374-J,

# Version 
ERPNext: v13.33.0 (HEAD)
Frappe Framework: v13.32.0 (version-13)

PDF View

Full Page View

And Also worked in Print View.
So if not worked then please update your version.

Thank You!

Not version Problem!!!.We have 8 sites In One Bench 7 sites Have shown barcode field But 1 site Didn’t Shown

Migrate your site

Still Same Issue

Which platform do you use?
Frappe cloud or any other …

Digital Ocean


We are also facing same issue
ERPNext: v14.0.3 (version-14)
Frappe Framework: v14.5.0 (version-14)

Barcode Print Issue


I have the same problems as them, the most uptodate version.

The “full page” option in print view works, but PDF, the rest will not work doesn’t work, not even in the print view.

The print format in jinja/html includes

<script src=""></script>


But when on PDF is generated, it doesn’t run the script, so the barcode doesn’t show.
I have internet access. The script works and run when selecting “Full Page” but will not run else.

May I know how you did it and how you generate the barcode, especially in pdf?

Thank you!