Barcode for Stock

Hi guys,

as we are actually working on implementing ERPNext and for our own business (and learning for customers), we have a few questions.

I would need to scan stock items by barcode in order to make stock-rotations and incoming warehousing easier.


Hello Daniel,

You can have items being fetched in the transaction based on barcode scanning. Please check following link on how to use barcode in ERPNext.

Using Barcodes to Ease Data Entry (bit dated)


thank you for your information.
In detail I would like to edit the DocType “Stock Item Detail” and edit the barcode so my colleagues can search for items using the barcode and not only the item code.

Therefore I created a new Row called “Row #5” and there I did 2 things:

  1. Name: Barcode, Type: Link, Code: barcode → Options: Item (Barcode did not work)
  2. Name: Barcode, Type: Data, Code: barcode → did not work :frowning:

The “only” thing I would like to accomblish is to search for barcodes like in the POS Invoice.


Can anyone help me :frowning: I am really frustrated

Again sorry for the reply…but I am not able to get this to work. Any ideas?

Can you please add this in github issue list?

We will add it in the product itself, no commitment on time frame.

It is not achievable by simply adding a custom field, you have to write some code for this.

Thank you, I did this. Can you please close this here :smile: