Barcode for Storage Location

Hi, we need barcode identification per storage location such as rack, bin etc.

Unfortunately I can see this only on an item level. Is there a way to scan the barcode of a storage location and then the barcode of the item in order to assign the item to that location?

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It is also present on Stock Entry.

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I can see no barcode field for the stock location in the stock entry screen. There is only the barcode field for item(s).

Maybe it was not clear:

I want to have the normal automated flow that you have in many warehouses today.

Scan Barcode on Storage Rack/Bin → Scan Barcode on Item → Place item into Storage Rack/Bin

Same for taking it out again.

Not possible?

You can use the location as the barcode. No need to assign a barcode like in an item. The reason there is a barcode field in the item doc is because most retail items have UPC codes which will most likely not be the same as the item code.

Create your location barcode labels so that when they scan, it enters the location name/code that you setup in your warehouse tree.