Barcode in Invoice

How to enable barcode in ERPNext: v7.2.6
I already enabled select “Show Barcode Field” under stock settings.
But barcode not accepting on invoice and purchase receipt forms

Could you elaborate more?
what do you mean by not accepting on invoice?
what is your use case?

In POS , when I enter the barcode , I am getting the correct item.
But I tried to enter the barcode in Sales Invoice , it is not working.
Is there any settings I have to to do .

go to Customize Form > Sales Invoice Item > barcode > check In List View

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or the easy solution from manual :

Check the box ‘Is POS’


Go to Item and click on Add new row.

The cursor will automatically be placed in the bar-code field. Thus you can immediately scan the bar-code and proceed with your operations.

Thanks ,

First option is working ,
I tried “Check the box 'Is POS” , it is not enabling the barcode

You are most welcome, galde it is working for you.

Does this solution still works in V 9?

I am having a lot of trouble getting this to work.

I have added the barcode field within the custom form for sales invoice, however it does not show next to the item code and it does not do anything.

What am I missing?

Please help

Okay i got

I needed to edit “Sales Invoice ITEM”

THank you