Barcode linked to Custom Item code

I am very new to ERPNext so I guess this question have been asked in the past, I just cant find the answer. Please help?

We have about 10 products with many different variants. Each product can be made form a bunch of material, in different shapes, loads of sizes and a couple of colors.

So I set the variants and their attributes up. I then created a stock item. In this case “Cushion”. This item will form part of range G and its a Cushion (CS) which is Square (SQ) that will be made from Canvas (CA). The size is Large (LG) and the Color is Grey & Blue (GRBL). So all my codes currently at the customer are G-CS-SQ-CA-LG-GRBL and the barcode on the product is ‘GCSSQCALGGRBL’. On the attached images you will note that 1) the item code sequence is not the same as my current codes and 2) there is no option for a barcode.

So my first question is how do I get the sequence changed from the default item code created with variants?
Then my second question is how do I create barcodes for each variant type?

I would really appreciate some help

Hi, welcome to the community!

You can use the barcode field for this purpose.
Additionally, you can click on the Variant’s name in the page title to rename it.

You can do it using excel sheet and import it using the Data Import Tool.